Why a digital detox is perfect for recharging the mind & improving eye health…

Digital detox refers to the time one refrains themselves from using all electronic devices such as smartphones, the internet, computers, T.V’s and all social media platforms.

Digital detoxes have been scientifically proven by many research studies that they can reduce stress, anxiety and depression all while improving brain function, better posture and sleeping patterns.

Some of the studies also discovered the improvement of hormonal cellular health, reduction in risking damage to the eye retina and the potential death of the eye retinal pigment epithelial cells, which can lead to the loss of vision in severe cases.

By carrying out a digital detox, you are not only reducing health complications while boosting and improving others, but you are also allowing yourself time to properly reflect and refocus yourself entirely.

‘Its Time to Recharge, Reflect & Refocus’.

After a year of staying connected through the glaring screens of technology and life now starting to slowly return to what we call ‘normal’, we believe that this is the perfect time to unplug and reconnect ‘physically’ with yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, HILSON has cleverly put together a shortlist of 5 tips that can help you along with a digital detox if you are planning on doing so.


Motivate yourself.

Remind yourself of the reasons and benefits behind the detox, and the things you would like to achieve. Ask yourself, what would you like to reconnect with? Refocus or reflect on? Will the detox give you the time you need to complete any outstanding projects?

Redecorate the house?

Spend more time outdoors and reconnecting with nature?

Reading or finishing a book?

Playing a game of fun rounders in the park with your family & friends?

A long therapeutic bike ride or walk in the countryside?

To help tackle social media addiction?

To step back from the glaring, blue screens to improve eye health?


Choosing when to detox and how long for.

Deciding when to do your detox and how long for has to be realistic so that you do not set your- self up to fail.

Things to Consider:


You would not want to start a digital detox during a peak time at work, before a deadline or just before an important event that requires you to use technology to stay connected.

Think about doing the detox when you are not working to help get the ball rolling with work-life balance.

Look at your Calendar

Again, be realistic with the length of detox especially if this is your first time.

It may be smart to start with a day or two, to see how you get along before trying to take on a full week.

Plan Carefully

Think about how you are going to stay connected with family and friends.

Let them know that you are going to do a digital detox and how they can contact you if there happens to be an emergency.

Plan your detox carefully around work and deadlines to avoid getting behind with anything, as this may contribute to any current stresses you have in the workplace. So, be mindful.


Think of the logistics.

Do you use your smartphone for your morning alarm?
To help navigate you from place to place?
Do you receive notifications to inform you of social media activity?
If you do, like most of us do, then its time to plan around these things. Have you got a non-digital alarm clock to help with your timekeeping? Have you pre-planned your journeys for the days of the detox?
Have you turned off all notifications on your electronic devices to help stop distracting you from the detox?


Put all electrical devices out of reach.

Its time to pop those devices out of reach so that you can start your digital cleanse. There is no need to deactivate any accounts, just pop them on do not disturb. By keeping all electronic devices out of reach (but not too far out of reach, just in case of an emergency) you are limiting your distractions to use them. Swop the T.V screen for a book, meditation, 1-hour exercise or quite walk to clear the mind. Use this time to plan and implement some wellness initiatives to maximise the results of your detox.


‘Its Time to Recharge, Reflect & Refocus’.

Embrace, maximise, enjoy, indulge, and appreciate this break. Remind yourself that your digital devices are going nowhere and that this break is temporary. You have planned this detox, and you have informed your family and friends, so the rest is is to you.

Keep a list of your goals with you, and tick each one-off as you do them and remember:


This is the perfect time to concentrate on your sleep hygiene, meditation methods, book reading, barefoot grounding yourself on the grass outside and starting a healthy nutritional diet that you can continue after the detox.


With a clear, undistracted mind, this is the perfect time to filter through all the unaddressed thoughts of worry and anxiety. Use this time to figure out what is important and what is not… ask yourself questions about where you are in life. Are you happy? Are you surrounding yourself with the right company? Are you happy in your job role? What is the next step in your career? How can you spend more time with yourself and your loved ones? Do you need to unlearn some bad habits to move forward? If so, how can you do this? How can you become better or do better in what it is that you want to achieve?


Write a mind-map out of where you currently are and plan your next steps. Make the steps realistic and be prepared for detours and challenges on the way. Do not let the challenges discourage you from your goals. Sometimes detours are necessary and carry hidden lessons that will prepare you for the goal ahead, so embrace them.