HILSON, once known as HilsonHouse Spa, was founded in 2019 by Kathleen Cherry Hilson.

“At HILSON, we believe that by eliminating the elements of stress, negative thinking and physical tension will help provide the key to unlocking any entities true potential. Therefore, making it our mission to create tranquil, relaxing atmospheres, that plant seeds of positivity, love and gratitude into one’s mind.

HILSON’s treatments, health & wellness tips have been designed to educate and influence positive lifestyle changes so that each guest can recognise their own unique, personal transformation; whether that being after interacting with us, or through experiencing one of our signature tailored treatments.

Here, we focus on the Mind, Body & Lifestyle”


Kathleen started her Beauty/Wellness journey in 2012 at the Sheffield ‘White Rose School of Health and Beauty’ where she studied both Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy. Never one for sitting still, Kathleen then went on and gained a degree in both ‘International Spa Management’ and BSc (Hons) Wellness Management at the University of Derby, Buxton, where she found a passion for teaching.

Kathleen then went on to graduate a third time in Education and Training, carrying along with her, different skills and work experiences such as; being fully trained in four different product brands (Dermalogica, Elemis, ComfortZone & Caudalie); the experience of working in award-winning Spas, to managing an award-winning salon in Sheffield.

Kathleen then took these skills to the Doncaster ‘White Rose School of Health and Beauty’ where she taught across the range of qualifications from Level 2 to Level 4 for two years, but then decided it was time to start her own business within the industry as HilsonHouse Spa which has recently been newly branded to HILSON.